An Unforgettable Beach Experience

Just a 30-minute drive from the property is Cherai Beach, located at the north end of Vypin Island. Popular locally, and known as the “Princess of the Arabian Sea”, Cherai Beach is a glorious blend of the backwaters and the sea with a white stretch of sand and a coastline of 15 km, so you can also take the beach road and enjoy an unforgettable drive. Regarded as one of the best hotspots in Kochi, this beach is truly unique. Watching the sunrise from the backwater side and the sunset on Cherai Beach in the Arabian Sea are moments of absolute bliss.

Chinese fishing nets, seashells, coconut trees and a patch of mangrove are commonly seen here and, if you are lucky, chances are you can often see dolphins from this splendid beach. Once you get there, it is a place that is hard to leave; there is a certain rush of beachfront and picturesque views that will keep you bounded. A perfect destination for nature lovers to sit back and relax, while adventure enthusiasts can choose water sports like speed boating, canoe riding and scooters. Take a ride on a bicycle through the villages surrounded by the backwaters. In addition, if you love to fly a kite, go flying. Your love for playing football is not ignored either — you can play it on the beach. There are plenty of things to ensure that guests have an awe-inspiring beach holiday experience.hh

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