A celebration of the heritage of Kerala.

Why We Love Museums in Kochi (And You Should, Too!)

The city cherished in conflicts and known for its history and cultural evolution left behind many historic palaces, which have now been turned into museums.  Your visit to Kochi is incomplete without visiting the museums that the city has to offer.  There are several museums which not only depict the great architecture but also the unlimited art crafted years ago.

Fancy visiting a peaceful artists’ museum full of astounding paintings and murals in the middle of downtown Kochi?  Or how about visiting a contemporary art gallery with striking statues of prominent personalities?  Discover timeless treasures with our selection of the best and most interesting museums and art galleries in Kochi.

With so much to see, this is the ideal family day out for art, dance, design, architecture and history enthusiasts alike, but anyone with a general interest in any of those things will find it an interesting and entertaining trip.

Here are our top five picks:

Indian Naval Maritime Museum in Kochi

Maritime Wing of he Indian Naval Maritime Museum

Step into the Indian Naval Maritime Museum, a keeper of Indian naval history, and witness an impressive collection of naval arms, ammunition and huge replicas of naval ships.  This is a must-see for history lovers as well as those interested in learning about the evolution of the Indian navy.  The museum throws light on the genesis, evolution and history of the Indian navy.


Museum of Kerala History

A celebration of the heritage of Kerala.

Take a stroll through history with a visit to The Museum of Kerala.  Indulge yourself in an extravagant creative and sensory journey of light and sound featuring the history and evolution of Kerala.  This is an ideal day for anybody with an interest in art, paintings and sculptures.  The museum houses life-size statues of prominent personalities along with incredible paintings.


Kerala Folklore Theatre Museum

Kerala Folklore Museum & Theater showcasing Kerala's rich heritage

Opened in the year 2009 as a non-profit organization and one of the most popular museums in Kochi.  The museum houses a treasure trove that displays the rich heritage that Kerala oozes through its diverse art and dance forms.  More than just a showcase of marvelous artefacts: you can buy them too.  The museum proudly preserves these unique pieces of the past as a reminder of the rich tradition and culture of Kerala.  There is also a theatre in the museum where authentic stage performances are conducted every day.


Hill Palace Thrippoonithura

Unmissable as you stand on the hill palace of the Thrippoonithura and look up at an archaeological museum, along with a prehistoric park and a deer park and even a heritage museum, the largest archaeological museum in Kerala.  Built in the year 1865 and spread across an enormous 54 acres of space, the displays inside the museum are an amazing treasure trove of antiques including a giant crown by Vasco Da Gama, several mind-boggling paintings, inscriptions, coins and many other historic things on display that are sure to charm every history buff.

Indo Portuguese Museum

one of India's earliest Catholic communities

Dive into the abundant cultural heritage that Fort Kochi inherited from the Portuguese.  Spend some time learning about these beautiful artifacts, many of which are steeped in history, and enjoy this fascinating and enlightening experience.



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