Why You Should Visit the Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

Are you passionate about wildlife? Or nature photography is your interest? Then Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is an ideal choice where you can visit and witness some the rarest species of birds.

For every “birder” the real achievement lies in spotting varieties of bird species; every frame is worth capturing. This is Kerala’s very first bird sanctuary, located on Njiyapilli Hill and established in 1983. The sanctuary is named after its conservator Dr Salim Ali. Blessed with so many natural surprises, this Sanctuary is a picturesque destination with abundant flora and fauna.

Learn more interesting facts during your trip to India’s most beautiful bird sanctuary and catch a glimpse of some of the most wonderful birds and their landscapes, which are hard to overlook. Sprawling over 25 sq km, the sanctuary houses over 280 rare species of birds. For most birders, birding is about a lot more than rarity, as well it should be. Since the forest is covered with a vast diversity of tropical deciduous and evergreen trees, it offers a safe utopia for birds.

And like they say: The scenic beauty of the bird sanctuary cannot be described in words, it can only be sensed and enjoyed. With a little effort and focus, you too can discover the rarest birds — yes, rare ones!

Happy Birding!hh

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