A day at Kodanad

What is it really like to be a mahout for a day?

When you think of pets, you imagine cats and dogs.  But over here, in Kerala, people tend to think big.  Elephants!  Yes, you read it right!  Elephants are viewed as auspicious animals in Kerala, and you will find them during every major temple festival.  Elephants are loved, honored and groomed with the utmost care and respect, and are an important part of Kerala’s culture.

Since the ban on capturing the elephant was enforced, the Kodanad Elephant Training Center became home to over 40 elephants.  Kodanad is set near the banks of the Periyar River and is one of the major training centers; not just in Kerala, but in India.  This is a rare, unique opportunity to get close to one of the largest mammals on earth and witness unconditional love offered to him.  Experience some one-to-one, behind the scenes time with elephant keepers (mahout) and find out how these big creatures get the best care possible.

Discover what it is really like to be a mahout and help them (if you want) with daily maintenance and food preparation.  This is surely every elephant lover’s dream, to witness the grandeur of these glorious beings up close.  Also, enjoy some interesting facts from our highly experienced naturalists about the flora and fauna of the area.hh

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