Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary – tour with a Naturalist

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Inviting bird lovers and nature enthusiasts alike for an activity filled day amidst nature, to this bird watchers’ prime paradise.

  • Birds in Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary
    Birds in Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary
  • Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary
    Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary - Bird Watcher's Paradise
  • Thatekkad Bird Sanctuary
    Thatekkad Bird Sanctuary
  • Thatekkad
    View of Periyar River from the Hornbill Camp
  • Bird watching at thattekad
    Bird watching at Thattekad Bird Sanctuary
  • Hornbill Campsite
    Hornbill Campsite
  • Bird Watching with Naturalist
    Group of Migratory birds
  • Ceylon Forgmouth Thatekkad Bird Sanctuary
    Ceylon Forgmouth Thatekkad Bird Sanctuary
  • Cycling in Hornbill Camp
    Cycling in Hornbill Camp
  • Kayaking Hornbill Camp
    Kayaking Hornbill Camp

This morning tour is a picture-perfect way to view some of the rarest migratory and resident birds in their natural habitat, an absolute bliss for bird lovers and nature enthusiasts. Join us.

The accompanying Ornithologist will take you to the most likely locations to spot birds and will share tips and tricks to spot them. You will get to know where the migratory birds are from and where the endemic ones live. Some of the avian friends you will find here are the Malabar woodpecker, Ceylon Frogmouth, Emerald dove and others. Other than the 250 species of birds, there are many butterflies in the sanctuary.

After the tour, enjoy kayaking and activities at the Hornbill Campsite, or pick a book and relax by the water there.hh

Offered in (Languages) English, Hindi, Malayalam
Availability Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Ornithologist Bicycle and Kayak (Optional) Air-Conditioned Car Packed Breakfast Lunch Campsite Activities at Hornbill Camp

What We'll Do


Grand Hyatt Kochi Bolgatty

Wake up before the birdsong. Let's leave the hotel by 4am. Catch the sunrise on the drive to Thattekad, which is around 2 hours.


Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary at Thattekad

BREAKFAST - We bet you are hungry now after that eventful drive!

Enjoy your breakfast with a panoramic view at one of the spots in the sanctuary, while the Ornithologist will introduce you to the bird sanctuary and its history of bird spotting.


Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary at Thattekad

Soon after your breakfast, go on a soft trek for about 2-3 hours in the sanctuary and spot some birds in their habitat. Don't forget to click some pictures before we start for Hornbill Camp.


Hornbill Camp

LUNCH: A meal on the banks of the Periyar. Sounds interesting?

At a birding hotspot set amidst a coconut grove on the banks of the river is where you will be having lunch. What better way to soak in the sights around and grab a conversation!


Hornbill Camp

All charged up after lunch, we will now get the adrenaline flowing for next 2-3 hours.

Learn the ropes of archery at the campsite or explore plantations nearby. Catch a glimpse of some of the most wonderful landscapes from the top bird’s eye view point here.


Hornbill Camp

TEA BREAK: A little later, it's coffee time, and for those who'd have something else to drink, there's tender coconut water, before we head back to the Hotel.


Grand Hyatt Kochi Bolgatty

Enjoy the Sunset at the Hotel!

Special Notes

1. You'll have an Ornithologist to guide you through the whole experience.
2. We recommend you book at least two weeks in advance to ensure that dates are available. All bookings are subject to availability.
3. We will be walking a lot - please wear light, comfortable shoes & clothing.
4. It can sometimes be sunny or rain unexpectedly in Kochi, so keep rain gear, sunglasses, sunscreen and insect repellents handy.
5. Please allow up to a day to complete this experience.
6. Tour starts at 4am. Please adhere strictly to the time.

Places We'll Go

Grand Hyatt Kochi Bolgatty | Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary at Thattekad | Hornbill Camp... & many more in between.


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